Origins of the Reusable Bag

Ben and Jerry were ice cream pioneers. Edmund McIlhenny gave birth to Tabasco Hot Sauce. Who invented Recyclable/Reusable Bags? We can't be sure, but we do have a good friend named Kevin DeGidio. We like to call him the "Grandfather of the Reusable Shopping Bag," and we'd like to share his story.

Back in January of 1991, Kevin was fresh out of the U.S. Navy and living in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Like everyone during that time, Kevin watched the nightly news reports on Operation Desert Storm, which successfully drove Iraq's invading army out of Kuwait. As they retreated, the Iraqi soldiers set Kuwait's oil wells on fire, causing an incredible amount of totally unnecessary pain to that country's people and environment.

As Kevin watched these reports with disgust, he thought that as a citizen he could find a way to both help the environment and reduce America's addiction to the Middle Eastern oil cartel. From these thoughts came the birth of Kevin's reusable shopping bag which is pictured here on our web site.

The first reusable grocery bag?

Whatever happened to Kevin's bright idea? He approached several major food retailers, but was told that they didn't see any merit in the idea. "I think I had a good idea but it was at the wrong time," explains Kevin today. Want to see Kevin's original bag? Feel free to stop by our office; we'd be happy to show it to you as it's in excellent shape over 17 years later! Bravo to you Kevin DeGidio, you were a man ahead of your time. Keep the ideas coming...