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Regarding the Lead Content in our Shopping Bags

In response to widespread concern raised by the potentially high amount of lead in reusable shopping bags, we have had our bags analyzed by a third party testing facility. They have reported to us that our bags are well within the safe limits as defined by the Toxins in Packaging Clearinghouse guidlines. A more in-depth explanation can be found here.

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Online Store Grand Opening!

Saving our environment is now easier than ever with our new online store! We are currently offering our generic reusable shopping bags and our convenient thermal insulated freezer bags.
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Eco-savvy Elizabeth Rogers shows five ways to make a change while holding on to your cash.

Save Your Cash: Go Green!

A helpful article on how to save over $1000 per year while saving the earth.

"Bring your own cloth or canvas bags when you go grocery shopping. By bringing reusable bags on every shopping trip, the average family of four will save at least 500 paper bags or 1000 plastic bags a year. What's more, many grocery stores offer a small discount for bringing your own shopping bag. So you could end up $30-$50 richer as well as helping the environment."

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Fairfax seeks ban on plastic bags

"Plastic bags could become a thing of the past in Fairfax if voters approve a measure proposed for the November ballot.
Proponents of a ban filed their intent to circulate a petition Monday to put a measure on the ballot that would require Fairfax businesses to use recyclable paper or reusable bags for purchases."
Full article here.

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