Who we are

Preserving our world can be done at the checkout

Earth Savvy Products, LLC

We are a company who specializes in the manufacturing, sales, and marketing of custom reusable shopping bags. It is our mission to reduce the amount of pollution and waste generated through the use of traditional plastic bags.

Products We Offer

What products do we offer?

Our Products

We can provide a wide assortment of bags in all shapes and sizes. Primarily, we offer three different styles: regular reusable shopping bags, thermally insulated bags, and bottle bags. The regular shopping bags are commonly seen in grocery chains nationwide and provide a greener alternative to conventional plastic bags. Our thermal bags possess the ability to keep foods hot or cold longer, great for frozen foods or warm meals. Our bottle bags are popular among wineries, which give an affordable way for wineries to distribute a promotional item thas provides functional use to their customers.

When and how was the reusable shopping bag invented?

Reusable Bag Origins

Who invented Recyclable/Reusable Bags? We can't be sure, but we do have a good friend named Kevin Degidio. We like to call him the "Grandfather of the Reusable Shopping Bag," and we'd like to share his story. Read about it here!